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    My Wedding Recap!

    As my one year anniversary is coming up (May 18!) – I just realized that I never actually re-capped my wedding on here! Whaaaat?! I have so many gorgeous photos I have yet to…

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    Pinterest Friday: Healthy, Delicious Recipes!

    Have ya’ll ever been to If not- first of all, STOP reading this post and head there IMMEDIATELY.  If you love beautiful food, you can spend hours scrolling through impeccably photographed, tasty treats.…

  • lavender and lemon chicken

    Lavender and Lemon Chicken

    Today I’m excited to share a guest post from Erin Mcgee, a friend of mine and owner of the blog Sugar Stache. She’s a professional baker and classically trained chef- and also literally one…

  • Body Image Inspiration

    It Starts With Us.

    It’s really easy to blame society and the media for our skewed body image. The rampant over-use of Photoshop, glorification of malnourished bodies, and the impossible standards set by magazines and TV/film are clearly…

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    Letting Go Of Perfectionism

    I know I’m a little late for just now posting these- but over Christmas, Kyle and I visited my parents in Augusta, and we had a great time hanging out by the  Riverwalk, taking…

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    The Ultimate Workout Playlist

    You know what kind of people I don't understand? Those people that can run or work out without listening to ANYTHING. More power to you if that's your preference- but I. Don't. Get. It. I…