Sad christmas cat dressing up in red rabbit costume

The War on Christmas

  The War on Christmas.  Few things get me more frustrated this time of year than the hypothetical “War on Christmas” that has evangelicals and GOP members foaming at the mouth. To think for one second that because Trump is President, we can “say Merry Christmas…



Me Too. It’s the little things women have to mentally *check* on a daily basis that show us how ingrained into our culture sexual harassment and abuse is. Things like going to a gas station and instantly regretting what you wore that day because…


Things to Do in Asheville

I don’t know about you, but honestly, I’m kind of glad the Holiday Hoopla™ is over. I love Christmas as much as the next person, but something about this year was just I N S A N I T Y. Maybe it had a…

Fashion Lifestyle

Edgy Chic and Mixed Metals in Downtown Decatur

  I’ve been living in Atlanta for about 5 years now, and I absolutely love it. With the different neighborhoods you can explore, tons of amazing food, craft beer, and a thriving music and art scene- there’s just something about living in the thick…


truBrain- Is it Worth the Hype? A Review

I was given a sample of truBrain for this review- but ALL thoughts in this review are my own and do not affect my review in any way. As we all do, I find myself spending lots of time on Instagram, scrolling through my…

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Fitness Workouts

HIIT for Beginners

For some reason, the notion that long distance running is the best way to get fit has been one of the most pervasive myths out there, especially for beginners. While, of course, there are definite benefits to running- there really are better options for beginners…


A Nashville Fourth of July Recap

Music, beer, biscuits, and hot chicken- what more do you need out of a Nashville trip?! We acquired all of these and then some when we visited Nashville a few weeks ago for the Fourth of July.  As always, it was an excellent time! We just…

Blue Ridge GA, Ocoee River

Travel Diary: Blue Ridge, GA / Ocoee River Tennessee

When you spend every work day on the computer- it’s important to GET OFF and just get out in nature every once in awhile. Our trip this past weekend to Blue Ridge, GA was a much needed respite from technology, stress, and well- the…