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    HIIT for Beginners

    For some reason, the notion that long distance running is the best way to get fit has been one of the most pervasive myths out there, especially for beginners. While, of course, there are definite benefits to running- there really are better options for beginners and just for general cardio in my opinion. Especially if you want to maximize your time!

    If you know me- you know I often sing the praises of lifting weights– it’s one of the main reasons I started my initial blog, LIFTMeupFitness. It’s really changed my life and I try to get everyone I know under the bar if they’ll listen!

    However- I  totally understand that some people can get simply overwhelmed with the notion of weightlifting altogether if its something they’ve never tried, especially women.

    So what’s a fitness beginner who doesn’t want to lift weights right off the bat to do?


    HIIT involves carrying out exercises at an above-average intensity, which in turn entails working harder and faster. You can pack a far more effective workout into a shorter space of time when it’s done with high intensity – so long as your body can stand up to the challenge.

    That’s because HIIT is tough, especially at first. You can’t just switch up to a high intensity workout and not expect to feel exhausted after it. It takes a few workouts for your body to fully adjust to HIIT, so the trick is to start small and add to the intensity gradually. Besides, if you try to do too much too soon, you’ll wreck your body and get no benefit whatsoever out of the training.

    Also- you may have all the enthusiasm in the world to maintain a consistent exercise regime, but a lack of free time can stand in the way, especially if you’re working in a job with long hours and you’re also trying to manage family commitments. If this sounds like you, I definitely recommend high intensity interval training (HIIT).

    My Fitness Boutique  created this infographic guide to HIIT, outlining some of the exercises that you can try and explaining why it is so good for you (provided that you’re doing it right). Take a look at the guide below and try a HIIT workout for your next cardio session! 🙂

    HIIT for Beginners [Infographic]-2


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