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    Why I LOVE Chia Seeds!

    As a Pescetarian who sometimes doesn’t feel like making a fish-oriented dish everyday, I’m always on the hunt for high-protein, plant-based protein sources! And I KNOW I’m late on the Chia train, but I…

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    Body Image Fitness Inspiration Lifestyle

    Things To Remember

    Stop comparing yourself to others. No really. STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS. You don’t have washboard abs like that fitness model you saw on Instagram? So what. You can’t clean and jerk your bodyweight like…

  • Fitness Lifestyle Video


    Doesn’t it annoy you when people say they’re trying to lose weight but that they’re SKIPPING MEALS? Why do people think that works? It has always bothered me. Watch the following video I made…

  • Body Image Fitness Inspiration Lifestyle

    Who are Ana and Mia?

    If you are in the fitness community on Twitter, Tumblr or any other social networking site, you’ve probably ran across two quite unsavory characters….Ana and Mia. Cleverly disguised to be somewhat acceptable in the…

  • Fitness Lifestyle Workouts

    Consistency is KEY!

    If there is one thing that I can say that I’ve struggled with the most in my life when it comes to my fitness endeavors, it would probably have to be  CONSISTENCY. I used…

  • Fitness Lifestyle Workouts


    You know those articles in Cosmopolitan that are all like, “Get your Bikini- Booty ready in 2 weeks with this AWESOME workout!” Well…… That’s right. Ladies, for a truly AMAZING toned booty, thighs, inner…

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    *Deep Breath* Okay, folks. here it is. My Progress photos thus far. It’s quite a scary thing, to post these photos of yourself out on the internet world for all to see! But it’s…

  • Fitness Lifestyle Recipes

    Why I LOVE Breakfast!

    You know one thing that REALLY confuses me? People that don’t eat breakfast. It’s either “Oh, I don’t have time,” or “I’m just no hungry in the morning.” To that I am just utterly…

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    Why I Stay Fit

    To me, fitness and health is more than just trying to “get skinny” or to “look good.” It even goes beyond my career and being in the public eye. Honestly, it’s more of a…