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    My Favorite Beauty Products Right Now

    Limecrime Venus 2 Eyeshadow Palette

    We all have those products that we reach for when we need an extra boost- and ones that just make us feel confident and ready to take on anything!

    Here are a few of mine right now:

    1.) Stridex Pads

    IMG_8587These are now an essential part of my morning and night routine. They help keep my skin clear and do a lot to smooth out the overall texture, which I definitely need as I have a lot of closed comedones and acne scarring.

    I was using the maximum strength for awhile- but recently switched to the sensitive skin version as the maximum strength was a bit irritating at times and I was experiencing lots of redness. With the sensitive skin version, I don’t have nearly as much redness or irritation so it’s a win-win! You can pick these up at your local drugstore, Walmart, Kroger, etc. I did notice they did not keep them in stock at ULTA last time I went- which I thought was odd as they usually have a large deal of skincare products!

    So if you have acne-prone skin with lots of texture- I’d definitely recommend these as they are a great exfoliant and acne reducer. To save some $$- I rip each one in half before use- that way I get 2X the treatments πŸ˜‰


    2.) NYX Lip Plumper Lip Gloss

    IMG_8601Admittedly- this was a bit of an impulse purchase. But I don’t know what it is lately- it seems like everyone has HUGE lips these days! I feel like I have super tiny lips and was just wondering if there was anything out there that could provide just a TINY bit of plump-age ya feel me?

    Color me surprised to find out that this stuff actually works for me. I think it may be BECAUSE I have such small lips it’s easy to notice a difference. If you already have big lips- this may not be that great for you, but I’m not sure! And I don’t know if I’m crazy- but I think it has a lasting difference. I notice the edges of my lips aren’t as “defined” as they once were- which makes it easier to overline and just gives off a plumper appearance. I ain’t mad at it. Check out the pics below for a comparison:


    IMG_6087 2


    NYX Lip Plumper, Venus Eyeshadow Palette

    3.) Freeman Mint & Lemon Clay Mask

    IMG_8585This is one of the best masks I’ve ever used. It’s tingly, soothing, it’s a HUGE bottle so it lasts forever, it’s cheap, it makes a big difference in my skin when I use it- UGH it’s just wonderful. I bought it at ULTA but I’m pretty sure it’s available at places like Walmart and Target, too.

    It’s definitely meant for acne-prone skin- if you have dry, sensitive skin I’d stay away from it. I use it a couple times a week if I remember and it really does a lot when it comes to skin smoothness/clarity and reducing acne! You can even leave a little bit on as a spot treatment overnight. Love this stuff.

    4.) Limecrime Venus 1 & 2 Palettes

    Limecrime Venus 2 Eyeshadow PaletteSince my LORAC Pro Palette is close to empty on each pan (REST IN PEACE.) I decided to spring for some new eyeshadow palettes a couple months ago and have been loving these! I just kept seeing such gorgeous looks on makeup artists/enthusiasts I follow on social media and had to snag them.

    Limecrime Venus Eyeshadow Palette Venus 2I figured for the Spring/Summer I’d be down to rock some more colorful looks instead of the plain neutrals I go for most of the time- and I realized that dark reds/maroons look awesome with my green eyes so I should just rock it.

    Limecrime Venus 2 Eyeshadow PaletteLimecrime Venus Eyeshadow Palette

    Here are some favorite looks using these palettes on some beautiful people I follow:


    And here’s a look I did with the palette recently:

    Venus Limecrime Eyeshadow PaletteI’m also wearing it in my “After” lip plumper pic above! I just LOVE both of these palettes. There are some amazing shades, the color wears well, they’re easy to blend, and they’re just very pigmented. I know there’s some controversy about the brand, but I just have been eye-ing these shades for so long and just couldn’t resist when there was a huge sale for a bundle of both. I use them so much so it’s worth it to me!

    What are some beauty products you have been loving lately? Let me know and I want to try them out!