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Gift Guide for the Crazy (But Cute!) Cat Lady in Your Life

Hi, I’m Janine and I’m a crazy cat lady. I say this with no shame. But- I’m not “Hoarders” level of crazy cat lady, I just…really love cats. And I like cute and socially acceptable things! Like not living in filth, or owning just one cat as opposed to 47 cats. I bet you also have a friend that’s just like me, so I’ve compiled a list of great gifts for your crazy but cute cat lady friend.

1.) Kitty Measuring Cups

cat lady gift guide

These stacking measuring cups are absolutely precious and perfect for anyone who knows their way around the kitchen and wants to smile a bit more while doing tedious tasks like measuring their gluten-free, vegan, organic, buckwheat flour.

Buy them here.

2.) “Pinot Meow” Cat Wine

screen-shot-2016-12-10-at-1-15-17-pmFirst of all- the fact that this even exists is just straight up fantastic. I’m not sure if I would ever even use this, except for to tell people that I have CAT WINE. It’s bound to at least get a laugh out of anyone who receives this, and that may be the best reason of all to purchase. However- your cat may just love it. So who knows.

So…what’s in it? From the Meowingtons website:

“While you indulge in a glass of pinot noir, your kitty-cat will happily indulge in Pinot Meow made of organic catnip, water, sea salt, and organic beets. ”

Buy it here.

3.) Meow Stemless Wine Glass


Why not offer your cat some Pinot Meow in this fancy stemless wine glass from Urban Outfitters? Accompany him with a cheap rosé and celebrate being basic together!

Buy them here.

4.) Mouse Costume


A lovingly hand-knitted mouse costume that is sure to provide hours of entertainment for…well not the cat probably. They’ll hate this. I can’t stress this enough. But- for everyone else, surely. Think of all the social media validation the cat owner wil receive for this one! #blessed.

Buy it here.

5.) Cat Hair Pin

For the stylish minimalist cat lady in your life. Available in gold and in silver from Urban Outfitters. Growing out your bangs never looked so chic.

Buy it here.

6.) Kitty Illusion Tights


If the crazy cat lady in your life has long legs and a penchant for short skirts this is an obvious choice. This particular pair I found on the Hot Topic website but I’m pretty sure you can find them all over the internet.

Buy them here.

7.) Kitty + Donut Mug

il_570xn-976437608_ahp8For those whose love of cats and donuts intersect- here is a perfect gift, a whimsical kitty donut mug. This cat looks so pleased and so will be the person who receives this.

Buy it here.

8.) Kitty-Embossed Wooden Rolling Pin


For the cat-loving baking guru in your life. This pin embosses pretty kitty prints onto cookies, pies, anything you want! And now you can coerce them into making delicious treats for you ALLL the time. It’s a win-win.

Buy it here.

9.) Kitty Paper Clip Set


You know that moment when you’re at work organizing papers and you’re like… “MAN I wish I had some CAT shaped PAPER CLIPS right now?!” Problem solved. Perfect for the very organized and workaholic cat lady in your life.

Buy them here.

10.) Adopt a Cat!


There’s nothing better than being able to give a kitty a home for Christmas! Consider heading to your local Humane Society and visiting- you may just find yourself a new best friend 🙂

Visit the Atlanta Humane Society here.





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