October Musical Obsessions

There’s so much good music out lately. So. Much.

I have serious music ADD- and I get tired of things SO fast. Of course there are always my tried and true favorites, but I’m always searching for new stuff!

Here are some of my favorite albums of October so far:

1.) Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

 Image: Hamilton on BroadwayYou guys…. YOU GUYS. HAMILTON. This Soundtrack. Is. So. Good. I honestly don’t listen to tons of musicals, even as an actor, and I rarely get ~obsessed~ with things, but seriously, Hamilton is worth obsession. I mean, on paper it sounds truly bizarre. A hip-hop/rap heavy musical about Alexander Hamilton, one of our founding fathers…? Okay. but honestly-it’s just so brilliant. I can’t stop listening to it. I sing it in my head all day long. $10 bills will never be the same…

Standout Tracks:
Okay, this is super hard because each song has it’s place and it all kind of works together as a whole, but here are some that I am really jamming to currently:

1. ) The Room Where it Happens- Amazingly catchy, and you can just feel the infectious energy of the song through your speakers.

2.) The Schuyler Sisters- Those belt harmonies, though! WORK.

3.) Satisfied- Heartbreakingly good…some really great rapping by the actress who plays Angelica Schuyler.

4.) Cabinet Battle #1: This song goes in really hard. Like I jam to this with the bass booming and no shame.

Honestly, though this is the reality of my life right now:

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 12.43.25 PM

Elizabeth Logan gets me.

2.) Big Grams- Big Grams

Big_GramsI got into Phantogram after seeing them live at the Tabernacle last year, and they are just phenomenal (I’d definitely recommend checking out their previous albums if you haven’t already.) But now they’ve paired up with Big Boi from Outkast and produced just an expertly crafted hip-hop/electronic album. While it’s not their first collaboration (Phantogram has songs on Big Boi’s solo stuff) It’s their first full official collaboration album. Right now I’m really into funky grooves and electronica/alt. R&B and this definitely fits the bill. It’s complex, clever, and just really, really well done. And it’s so fun!

Standout Tracks:

1.) Goldmine Junkie- This song has one of those musically addicting feels to it. It’s so good.

2.) Fell in the Sun- When I heard this, I felt like it had very Kimbra-esque qualities about it, and seeing as I absolutely LOVE Kimbra- it made this song all the more awesome.

3.) Sufjan Stevens- Carrie and Lowell

Sufjan_Stevens_-_Carrie_&_LowellI’ve loved Sufjan since high school and I just consider him to be just a musical genius in so many ways. I could honestly write a novel on all of his previous music alone. But Carrie and Lowell is just a solid album. While he’s had many experimental projects over the years, this one is reminiscent of his earlier work, which is definitely some of my favorite of his. I’m not going to lie, this album is SAD. But it’s sad in a good way if that makes sense. It’s one of those put on during an introspective, rainy Sunday drive type of albums. It’s very deep, and dark, and lovely at the same time. I’m so excited to see Sufjan live here in ATL on November 5th and hear this album live!

Standout Tracks:

I honestly think the songs are equally as good. But I’ll try to pick…one…

1.) No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross- Sufjan really uses his gorgeous vocals to portray some strong emotions in this song. It’s pretty powerful.

4.) Melanie Martinez- Cry Baby

crybaby-melanie-martinez-2015-billboard-510x510I actually discovered Melanie Martinez through a Spotify New Music playlist, when she came out with her song “Soap.” It’s just one of those songs that is SO interesting and dynamic that it made me pay attention and look her up. Incidentally, she came out with Cry Baby right around that same time. This whole album is just fantastic. She has a very interesting lolita/childlike sort of theme with her music and general aesthetic, going so far as using metaphors as over-arching themes in all of her songs. (Song titles include “Sippy Cup,” “Tag, You’re It,” “Dollhouse,” “Mrs. Potato Head,” etc.) Her voice is so  interesting, also- and the whole album is just very cohesive and well-done. I’m sad I missed her when she came to Atlanta last! But alas, I had a performance myself. It happens.

Standout Tracks:

1.) Soap- I can’t get enough of the “bubble” electronic beat in this song.

2.) Sippy Cup- Biting, sharp lyrics over a fluffy pink musical soundscape. That’s probably an accurate description over many of her songs but this one in particular really fits that.

I have a lot of songs that I’m also in love with that aren’t particularly a part of a full album that I’ll share another time!

What are some of your October music favorites I should to check out?

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  • Reply John C. Baker January 16, 2016 at 10:00 pm

    I agree that the soundtrack is spectacular. Only correction is that the rapping on Satisfied is be Angelica, not Eliza.

    • Reply janinecdemichele January 17, 2016 at 2:46 am

      You’re right! Thanks for pointing out my oversight. I think I was in a Hamilton induced frenzy at the time of writing this haha.

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