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    It’s Okay Not to Be a Barbie.

    You know when you over-indulge on every sweet morsel you can get your hands on and soon you start craving an IV drop of greens to get out of your sugar-coma?

    Well, I feel like in our collective society, people are feeling this away.

    Except it’s not an aversion to sugar- it’s an aversion to “perfection.” And a desperate yearning for something real. A solace from the repeated messages of objectification of women, starvation diets, and “Barbie” look-a-likes.

    I think we are finally all collectively craving realness instead of manufactured crap. And it’s about time.

    It’s just because now it’s getting ridiculous. We are all learning how much photoshop is really used. (Even though I don’t mind it, and here’s why.) People are spending thousands of dollars on plastic surgery to look exactly like Barbie. ANd not only look like Barbie- think like her too. Wait. What? Continue Reading

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    Enough is Enough.

    Enough is Enough. Enough with comparing ourselves to other women. “That woman has a smaller waist than me”.” That woman has more toned arms”. “That woman has a prettier bone structure.” Who cares? You…