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    A Dirty Little Secret (That really shouldn’t be.)

    I’m going to tell you guys a little secret. It’s something that the fitness industry frustratingly fails to really explain or even address at all- especially to women starting a lifting program for the first time. And it’s pretty understandable, because, you know- I get it. It can be sort of a turn-off. Some women, after starting a lifting a program for the first time, experience swelling, “puffiness,” and an overall uncomfortable bloating phenomenon for the first few weeks/month or two going into a lifting program. Yes, what I’m telling you is, at the very beginning, you may feel a little bigger. Your clothes may fit weird. You may get discouraged. But I promise you- and this is the most important thing you need to take away from this– it goes away if you stick with it. Let me explain what’s happening here. Continue Reading

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    Go Out and Be FLAWLESS

    So I’m just going to go ahead and assume you guys have heard Beyonce’s new album. If not-  It’s pretty much time to get out from that rock- it’s stuffy in there! Anyways. So…