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    The Ultimate Workout Playlist

    You know what kind of people I don’t understand? Those people that can run or work out without listening to ANYTHING. More power to you if that’s your preference- but I. Don’t. Get. It.

    I don’t know- listening to the hum of treadmills and raging football announcers on the gym TV just doesn’t cut it for me. Maybe it’s because I like to have mini dance parties between sets, or because I like to imagine I’m in some sort of motivational montage- but there’s just something about the *right* playlist that add SO much to my workouts!

    Since workout music is so crucial for me, I tend to spend a lot of time and thought cultivating my epic play lists. Each song has to just have the right intensity, the right “feel.” It has to have something unique to offer- no generic pop song will do. And I get tired of music- FAST. So there has to be just the right variety and special something to keep me motivated and entertained. Continue Reading

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    How to Recover Properly

    One thing many people neglect when starting off in a fitness regiment is learning how to rest and recover properly. For starters, some people don’t rest at all. I see people especially on social…

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    Consistency is KEY!

    If there is one thing that I can say that I’ve struggled with the most in my life when it comes to my fitness endeavors, it would probably have to be  CONSISTENCY. I used…