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What the Scale CAN’T tell you

I admit it- at one point I was a scale-addict.

Back when I used to do more modeling gigs, I naturally felt the pressure to be thinner. I even had an “agency” tell me I needed to lose 10 lbs.
And this was back before I was even at my heaviest!

Anyways, every day, sometimes multiple times a day, I would weigh myself, hoping to see the numbers edging downward. Even a half a lb. was a victory! I felt “proud” of myself when I had skipped lots of meals and lost water (and muscle) weight, thinking I was progressing in some way.

Ugh! I’m so glad I don’t think that way anymore!

Unfortunately, many women still go through this vicious cycle, letting the results of their daily weigh-in determine their self worth for the day.

But you know what?


The scale doesn’t matter.

No, really. It doesn’t.

When you change your mindset from trying to solely lose weight into become fit and strong- the actual weight in numbers becomes a little irrelevant and a beautiful thing happens- you just stop caring about the scale.

I mean, when you start feeling your clothes fitting much looser, see new muscles forming, watch your body tightening up everywhere, and hitting personal records in the gym- you can’t deny the results. 

Personally, I haven’t weighed myself in about 6 months or so. And I’m totally fine with never weighing myself again. Because with all the muscle I’ve built- I might not have lost much “weight” at all. Since muscle is WAY more dense than fat, it’s very possible to weigh the same, and yet look much more tight and lean, as evidenced by the photo below.


So at the moment, I can’t tell you my weight exactly. Because I honestly don’t know.

However- I can tell you that I just surpassed my personal record on the deadlift, hitting 180 lbs. for 5 reps, and the fact that I can do a few unassisted pullups at a time! And I’ll tell you I would NEVER be able to do those things if I was skipping meals in order to see a number I want to see on the scale.

If you are hitting the gym hard and efficiently with weight training and high intensity cardio as well as eating adequate protein, carbs, and healthy fats in a proper balance- you WILL see results.

Need a number to focus on? Focus on your lifting numbers going up, or your sprint times increasing. Beat your last 5K time. Measure those moments during the day where you feel your strength helping you practically (Carrying ALL of the groceries at once, for example!) and keep track of how many people admire your courage and persistence with your goals.

These are the things to focus on. Not an arbitrary number.

Comment below on your thoughts! Do you think scales are necessary?

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