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Your Healthy Meal Guide

One of the most important aspects to a healthy lifestyle is nutrition, no doubt.

But unfortunately, it seems to be one of the most confounding topics for most. And I don’t blame anyone for being confused! Because with all the fad diets and diet books, weekly rotating diets in every magazine, and misinformation even in the fitness world itself- we understand that it’s quite difficult to know what’s good information and what’s just fluff.

Also- there’s the vast “cult-like” experience many have with certain diets out there, and it’s enough to confuse people for good.

And then once you know what good information IS- how do you apply it? What are some ideas for healthy meals that anyone can do?

Well, it’s because of all the reasons above that I decided to create a basic “Healthy Meal Guide” to kind of visually show you guys some of the principles that I and my husband (A certified Precision Nutrition coach) subscribe to!
One of the most IMPORTANT things to remember, especially if you’re working out at all, is that every time you eat, you want to try to aim to have a large protein source (the basis of your meal,) healthy fats, carbs (amount is dependent on your activity level), and veggies/fruits.

For the majority of people, a balanced meal like this is going to help with any deficiencies and stimulate fat loss as well. A meal with this balance will help prevent your blood sugar from crashing and will keep your metabolism stable.

Protein: Men should aim for 30-40 grams of protein per meal. Women should aim for around 20.
Fats: These should be a smaller portion of your meal. Half of an avocado, a small handful of almonds, or a serving of olive oil vinaigrette is a great portion. (So eating an entire bowl of queso is not ideal!)
Carbs: If you’re very active and do strenuous workouts- you can get away with and actuallly NEED to be eating more carbs than you may think! If you’re sedentary or just walk for example- we would suggest lowering your carbs. You can get away with not having them for 1-2 meals a day. But extreme “low- carb” dieting is NOT the way to go. Your body needs them! And you can have many long-term serious health effects by not eating enough of them.
Veggies + Fruits: Obviously, you want to eat as many fruits and veggies as possible! Try to get a wide variety. Purchase fruits in season for better prices and for optimal nutrients. Even frozen fruits and veggies are fine.

*Note: The suggestions above are for people with no assumed food allergies or issues. Of course you should listen to your doctor’s recommendations. The suggestions given are a guideline for anyone looking to eat healthier, lose bodyfat, and have a more balanced diet who are trying to live a active lifestyle.

Here is a list of some great options in the following categories:
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  Examples of Balanced Meal Ideas
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I hope this guide helps you guys!

As I mentioned earlier, my husband is now a certified Precision Nutrition coach- so look out for some awesome new things happening soon! We want to offer some coaching programs/eBooks and more. We’re both in the middle of getting our personal training certifications, and we are so excited about helping others reach their health, fitness  and positive mindset goals! (That’s what I’m really excited about 🙂 )

So if you are wanting a more customized nutrition plan, we would love to help you. I will let you guys know when we officially launch everything- I’m currently working on a brand new website re-design and we have to get some fancy photos taken but e verything will happen in its due time.

Thank you all for your support!

Stay tuned! <3

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