NEW Haircut + Polka Dots! [Style Post!]

I have a confession to make to you guys.

I spend 90% of my time in either PJs (that work-from-home life) or gym clothes.

It’s really a travesty.

HOWEVER- I do have a side of me that loves fashion, believe it or not! I love thrifting, finding unique pieces, and to really just have fun with clothes when I can! Since I’m definitely on a tight budget at the moment,  it’s always a fun challenge for me to make thrift-store-finds and hand-me-downs my own, and just rock it.

Since cutting my hair all off (!!!) , I feel like I have a revitalized interest in just being an overall stylish person, again. For a while I really let myself get lazy…I mean, when your hair is 10 feet long and extremely hard to deal with it happens because dealing with your HAIR takes up an hour in itself. Really. But not anymore! I feel so fresh and clean and really like “myself” again. Never underestimate the power of a great haircut!

Now, I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that I’m a red polka dot lovin’ gal.

So naturally, my outfit today has to be one of my favorites to wear, because I just love love love this shirt! This was actually a spectacular Goodwill find, believe it or not. Red & white polka dots are just dang kryptonite to me for some reason.

There are actually lots of shirt in this sort of tied blouse style at Goodwill and other thrift stores, so if you’re into it, just go take a look one day! It’s also super comfortable because it’s not totally form-fitting. I don’t even care if it’s not the 100% most flattering shirt of all time. I just love it.


Onto the jeans: Now, if you’re an athletic lifter like me, you KNOW how hard it is to find good jeans that fit. I pretty much resorted to wearing leggings 24/7 until I found these bad boys. These are Lucky Brand Sofia Skinny jeans- The Sofia is a curvy fit, and they are a little higher in the waist and in the back, which is perfect if you’ve got a lil’ extra back there from doing heavy squats. 😉

Buy here!

The color is slightly off, but you get the idea. They’re a lovely dark wash and fit like a dream. Easily my new favorite pair.  They’ve got just enough stretch to remain comfy which is always necessary.


Did I mention I love this top?!

I had a lot of fun doing my little photoshoot in my living room today and I hope you all enjoyed coming along for the ride 🙂 It actually inspired me to look nice today instead of remaining in PJs and on the computer for hours like I normally do… (ah, the life of a graphic designer/internet marketer!)

6(Of course my kitty Curry wanted to join in, too 😉 )

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  • Reply FunkyFitnessPDX January 15, 2014 at 12:52 am

    Could you be any cuter?! Love it all. That’s exactly how I’ll be cutting my hair when I finally get annoyed with it and chop it all off too. 🙂

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