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Lifting heavy weights has completely transformed my body and most importantly MY MINDSET! You probably found your way here through my previous blog LIFTmeupFitness or my reddit post- I wanted to update this post a bit from what it was previously.

Here are some of the major things I’ve learned through the past few years:

1.) Lifting weights is ESSENTIAL to developing a “toned” body. (Learn more about what lifting regiment I use in my blog here and find a nifty guide here to my routine)

2.) A high protein/high veggie/low carb diet is incredibly helpful in helping in maintaining a lean body state for me. (I touch on my diet particulars here.)

3.) The scale IS NOT IMPORTANT. Read more about why here.


The “Before” pic above was taken a couple years before the “after.”


After pic was probably 2 years ago.

IMG_8995 2

This is me today- In all honesty I’m not as “ripped” as I was before, but it’s OK. I’m not as fitness-focused- but I do maintain a consistent workout routine and eat healthy 70-80% of the time. I’ve learned to love my body at every state its at. And I think that’s the most important progress I’ve made. I don’t berate myself for enjoying some dark beer or pizza or what have you. I indulge often but I also eat greens often. It’s all about balance!


  • Reply ~jenniferlynn September 2, 2013 at 7:06 pm

    Next would’ve known!

  • Reply Emma July 13, 2014 at 12:56 am

    When r the pics with no year next to them?
    U have inspired me to
    1. Ditch MFP
    2. Start lifting

    🙂 can’t wait

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