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    #REALFITSPO Kathleen Lynch

    I had the pleasure of receiving just the most amazing feedback from a reader a little bit ago and I wanted to share it with you all! It was super encouraging to me, and I hope it is just as encouraging to you all, too: 

    “I just wanted to say that I really loved your Real Fitspo post from a few months ago, and I’ve been following your blog posts ever since. I started out in the gym because I had severe issues with arthritis and I have since dropped 27 kilos (which is the least important part of the equation for me) but I’ve also started learning to powerlift. This is a video of me squatting 100 kilos back in July, and I did it again last week (but five reps this time).


    View the Video Here:  Post by Fitness First Fortitude Valley.

    Part of the reason why I started filming what I was doing and talking about where I’ve come from what because of that Real Fitspo post. Because I realised it’s really important for women to see images of other women that don’t look like traditional fitness models and who are out there kicking goals. This is especially important for people who are managing health conditions.

    I will never be thin, but that is not my goal. It is my goal to eventually squat about 130, and I am aiming to get up to 100 kgs on my deadlift and about sixty on my bench (I DL 50 and bench about 30 at the moment). I use my previous issues with arthritis as fuel and I am absolutely determined that I will never be there again, and that gives me strength and I go out and kick goals.”


    Kathleen- thank you SO much for submitting this and allowing me to feature you here. I was truly inspired by your story and I know others will be too!

    Are you a #REALFITSPO? Please feel free to share your story with me! Just send me an e-mail and I’d love to feature you on a new issue of the #REALFITSPO Project. This project is a way for me to share and perpetuate examples of real-life fitness inspirations- who are kicking butt in the gym and in their daily lives and who love being strong and sharing that with the world! Who knows- you may just change someone’s life. 🙂

    All you need is a photo of you and maybe a favorite quote/saying/or any other text you want to add on to it. You can view some of the other issues for examples!

    #REALFITSPO Issue 1  | #REALFITSPO Issue 2

    I can’t wait to hear from you!

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