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    A Dirty Little Secret (That really shouldn’t be.)

    I’m going to tell you guys a little secret. It’s something that the fitness industry frustratingly fails to really explain or even address at all- especially to women starting a lifting program for the first time. And it’s pretty understandable, because, you know- I get it. It can be sort of a turn-off. Some women, after starting a lifting a program for the first time, experience swelling, “puffiness,” and an overall uncomfortable bloating phenomenon for the first few weeks/month or two going into a lifting program. Yes, what I’m telling you is, at the very beginning, you may feel a little bigger. Your clothes may fit weird. You may get discouraged. But I promise you- and this is the most important thing you need to take away from this– it goes away if you stick with it. Let me explain what’s happening here. Continue Reading

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    Why I’m Healthy.

    Many people want to get healthy and lose weight so they can have their “body of their dreams.” But let’s think for a second. Is that really what it’s all about? Is the pinnacle…

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    Why I LOVE Chia Seeds!

    As a Pescetarian who sometimes doesn’t feel like making a fish-oriented dish everyday, I’m always on the hunt for high-protein, plant-based protein sources! And I KNOW I’m late on the Chia train, but I…

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    Things To Remember

    Stop comparing yourself to others. No really. STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS. You don’t have washboard abs like that fitness model you saw on Instagram? So what. You can’t clean and jerk your bodyweight like…

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    Consistency is KEY!

    If there is one thing that I can say that I’ve struggled with the most in my life when it comes to my fitness endeavors, it would probably have to be  CONSISTENCY. I used…

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    You know those articles in Cosmopolitan that are all like, “Get your Bikini- Booty ready in 2 weeks with this AWESOME workout!” Well…… That’s right. Ladies, for a truly AMAZING toned booty, thighs, inner…