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We Have To Be Thin.

We have to be thin.
We have to be skinny.
We have to be frail.
We have to have delicate features.
We have to be toned, but not “too muscular,” or men won’t like that!
We have to have curves. But not TOO much, because then you look slutty.
We have to have a thigh gap.
We have to work out, but not too much because it’s “obsessive.”
We have to eat healthy, but not too healthy or else we become “obsessive.”
We have to eat cheeseburgers because it makes us seem cool and chill like we don’t care.
We have to have abs, but not too defined abs because then we look like a man.
We have to have a big butt because Kim Kardashian.
We have to have flawless skin, eyes, and lips but NOT TOO MUCH because eww look she’s trying too hard.
We have to lose 10 lbs. before we can even think about wearing  a bikini this summer omg gross!
We have to look like a fitness model but competing is too extreme and those tans are weird, right?!
We have to lift 300 lbs. or else we can’t be taken seriously in the lifting world but don’t get bulkybecause EW!

We have to defend our bodies every day because somehow, certain people don’t understand a woman has a choice to do WHATEVER SHE WANTS with her body and to look HOWEVER SHE DARN WELL CHOOSES and GOD FORBID somebody doesn’t like it, or a MAN doesn’t like it, because our sole purpose is to please everyone in the universe including the entirety of the male population, am I right?!

We have to defend our bodies every day because so many women’s magazines tell us new ways to trim 5 lbs. in 1 day and if we don’t how dare we even exist on this Earth. That our bodies in their natural state aren’t good enough to be looked at or appreciated or valued. That our optimal aesthetic appearance is the basis of our self worth and comes first before any endeavors for empowerment, strength, and just things we do for enjoyment and personal gain.

We have to defend our bodies every day because we live in a society where fashion models and celebrities can’t even catch a break from scrutiny, and clothing companies tell us our thighs are too big for their pants, and their models aren’t good enough the way they are so they have to be photoshopped into oblivion to even be ACCEPTABLE for the general public to look at.

When can we just realize that our bodies are OURS and they aren’t for anyone to “decide” they aren’t good enough?

So what if someone thinks your quads are too big?! If you love them, if they enable you to perform Superhero-esque physical feats, then ROCK. THOSE. BIG. QUADS. GIRL.

So what if someone thinks you’re too skinny?! You rock what you got. You don’t have to answer to anyone. You’re awesome the way you are. You shouldn’t feel SHAMED because you actually have a natural thigh gap, ok?

All of our bodies are fabulous! We just need to stop having to defend ourselves.

Stop defending. Stop apologizing. Stop criticizing others. Start living.

Just be your fabulous self, all day, err’ day.

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  • Reply sdorsay (itrainthereforeieat) April 10, 2014 at 1:33 am

    Preach, girl 🙂 LOVE this so much!!!
    And I also love my big thighs. They allow me to do big things 🙂

  • Reply Michele (natureunchecked) June 25, 2014 at 3:05 pm

    Found your blog through Reddit, and I’m loving it! ROCK THOSE QUADS, GIRL!

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